Ministry of Investment Promotion Services

1. Information and statistics services

  •  Proving information on Somaliland Investment priorities
  •  Proving information on investment opportunities available in Somaliland
  •  Providing information on investment policies and regulation
  •  Providing information on investment climate  
  •  Providing information on Investor requirements

2. Investor Guide services

  • Investor guide to Somaliland
  •  Investor guide for Investor Business establishment
  •  Investor guide for obtaining investment license
  •  Investor guide for obtaining other relevant licenses
  •  Investor guide for Investment Polices and Laws

3. Investor Facilitation services

  •  FDI / PPP Investment Project  Facilitation
  •  Government initiation permits Facilitation
  •  Investor Immigration services & Visa Facilitation
  •  Investor Traval & Security Facilitation 
  •  Investor Site visit Facilitation
  •  Investor Real estate Facilitation

4. Investor Registration services

  •  Registration services are offered at our registration department
  •  Per Investment appraisal 
  •  Registration Guide for investment license
  •  Registration of the investment license

5. Investor After Care services

  • Aftercare services for Tax exemptions
  •  Aftercare services for Investment incentives
  •  Aftercare services for Investment government support
  •  Aftercare services for Investment monitoring